Post a Duty Station Review

Please title your post with the unit’s name and location, and your position.  For example: “NH Bremerton, WA, staff FP” or “MAG 39, Camp Pendleton, flight surgeon.”

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Tips for your review:

Share your experience!  Honest appraisals are welcome, so be honest about your experience.  Be kind when mentioning other people. If you feel the need to describe people, do so by title rather than actual names.

Some ideas of things that other people find helpful when reading reviews:

  • The type of billet you filled.
  • Rough timeframe of your tour.
  • Your day-to-day responsibilities / routine.
  • Any deployments?
  • What you liked most.
  • What was the most difficult part?
  • Quality of your living situation, such as housing and cost of living.
  • Types of things to do in the duty station area.
  • Opportunities for spouses, and kids.
  • Things you wished you knew before taking the billet.

Write as much or as little as you want!  You never know what nugget of information might help somebody else make a decision.