PebbleSpot is created and maintained by Christopher Rock.

Origin of PebbleSpot

As an Internal Medicine at Naval Hospital Portsmouth in 2011, I quickly grew tired of manually calculating sliding scale insulin orders. The first iteration of this website included a tool to write sliding scale insulin orders, plus a formatting tool to reformat CHCS and AHLTA lab results into text that could be added to Essentris daily progress notes.

After becoming a GMO with the Seabees, I wanted a better way to write notes. “Dot-phrases” were not part of AHLTA, so the first version of the PebbleSpot Notewriter included my own personal dot phrases. Finally in 2015 I had time to re-write the Notewriter, this time allowing for users to save their own unique shortcuts.

With Genesis coming down the pipe for all Navy commands, the Notewriter will soon be less relevant. Within Cerner, “Autotexts” can thankfully be shared peer-to-peer between residents and staff alike. So for now I’ll continue to post (what I find to be) useful tidbits, resources, and tools about Navy medicine, Family Medicine, Aerospace Medicine, and computer learning.